We are one of the only suppliers of Free Hotspot Solutions. Typically these are catered towards large venues, caravan parks or holiday attractions, but have many more uses.

We offer 2 options with this:

The 1st option is that we will install internet and wifi hotspots Free of charge. The owner of the premises will then be paid between 5% and 15% of the charge for use and be provided with free internet for their own use.

The 2nd option is the customer pays for the installation and is then free to charge for the internet himself, and charge rates they deem appropriate.

We work throughout the whole of the UK and Europe and are very competitively priced.

Typical charges are 50p per hour, £6 per day or £14 per week. The first 10 minutes per day is free of charge which allows visitors to check important emails. All our systems are up to the latest standard for security and reliability.