Isolated rural communites in Devon, The South West - in fact all over the country - have long suffered with poor, or no internet service. Deemed as financially unviable, the telephone companies are highly unlikely to provide the cables needed to provide high speed broadband.

Rural Comms can now provide that internet service. Not by fibre-optic cable, but via a fixed wireless network.

How does it work?

A Fixed Wireless Network is technology that allows the internet to be transmitted directly into your home via radio-waves from a local microwave transmitter that we have erected.

Using speeds of up to 1Gbps, the internet is carried over our own network and picked up by a transmitter (A mast, pole, tower or building) that we have erected. A small radio device is attached to the exterior of your property. This picks up the signal from your local transmitter and connects, via a cable, to your home. From here you can wirelessly connect as many devices as you want to your receiver.

No cable laying or road digging

Because everything is done via wireless there is none of the added cost of laying cables or roads being dug up. This also means quick installation times and low install costs!


Whats the price?

We currently offer 3 packages to residential customers. Each package has an unlimited download limit so youll never be throtteled or restricted.

Rural Comms have our own inhouse installation / service techs, the installation fee includes the reciver, cabling and a basic WAN router which has both wired and wireless functunality. If you would like a more specialised installation please let us know.

Package 1 10/2 "The Lite Package"
This package gives a 10 megabite download speed and 2 megabite upload speed.
Cost £12.99 PCM
Installation Cost £249.99

Package 2 25/4 "The Medium Package"
This package gives a 25 megabite download speed and 4 megabite upload speed.
Cost £24.99 PCM
Installation Cost £249.99

Package 3 40/10 "The Large Package"
This package gives a 40 meabite download speed and 10 megabite upload speed.
Cost £36.99 PCM
Installation Cost £249.99

Static IPs £3.20 PCM

We do not allow the resale / re broadcast of our services. Any breach of this will mean an imediate termination of contract.

Our contracts are 30 day rolling contracts the installation cost can be covered by a CDS voucher if avalible. All equipment, cabling and labour are covered under warranty while a subscription is "Live"

How many homes need to sign up?

For the project to be financially viable, we need at least 6 homes to sign up! However you may already be covered to contact us to find out!

I couldn't believe how little disruption there was! The engineers were in and out very quickly, and before I knew it we finally had broadband - and fast broadband at that. Best thing I ever did. Charles H. Dartmoor.

Is wireless available in my area?

To find out if we can provide this service in your area please contact us.